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About Us

Konark International Cyclothon, is not a race or competition but a Cycling revolution to make people aware about their environment, heritage, effects of climate change, protection of their ecology and promoting cycling as an alternate mode of communication. It’s an attempt made by Roots of Odisha Foundation to boast bicycle culture in tourist places of Odisha.
Roots of Odisha Foundation (ROOF) is a registered non-governmental organization. ROOF is working deeply for the promotion of brand Odisha across the Globe. ROOF invests time, energy and resources to work in the areas of environment, school education, skills development, health, tourism, youth empowerment etc.. Like minded individuals from different walks of life in India and abroad have come together to establish ROOF as a platform that not only highlights issues and challenges that Odisha faces but actively participates and joins the government, citizens, industry, media and NGOs to work towards solution of the problems.

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