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  1. Community engagement in preserving nature and environment
  2. Showcasing the beautiful nature of the world and hence attracting the tourists


Though outcomes are not the immediate effect of the event, yet the following are some of the outcomes that will come out of the event and sustained effect thereafter. Odisha is a very less explored considering its high cultural and ecological diversities. This can be tapped though popular events in one hand and sustained effort in capacity building in various areas. In both cases there is enough potential in Odisha which has to be harnessed. Tourism employs approximately four times human resource that of manufacturing. This sector also boast the other sectors including manufacturing. Hence the interelated areas will get better resources. The following are some of the outcome.

  1. Generating employment though cultural tourism, ecotourism in particular and tourism in general
  2. Generating new skills in the tourism sector in general by conceptualising emerging areas that are in demand.


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